About JA Camp Startup

A message from our JA Camp Startup Program Manager:

For the past ten years, I have had the most exciting and fun times working with the campers that come to JA Camp Startup. As they build out their business, the campers have come up with the most innovative products – their creativity is endless! I’ve seen Lego earrings and picture frames, leather coasters in the shape of a maple leaf, notebooks made from scratch, comic books series sold with the promise of new adventures, and sailboat-shaped soap holders. One year, an ambitious camper made Styrofoam ATMs, and we spent hours gluing together pieces of Styrofoam and understanding the mechanics of making real money come out of it.

I’ve seen the quietest campers turn out stellar sales pitches and sway their very first customer to buy all their available products, witnessed creative kids put together an entire marketing plan and set up a multi-level sales stand with lights and props, and have greeted business-savvy campers who arrive on Monday in a suit and tie and hand me their resume. The confidence they gain, creativity they explore, and light that sparks when their ideas come together all unfolds in front of my eyes all within a week, and I feel the most privileged to get to see it happen.

Together, campers and I have learned how to sew, how not to change the colour of candle wax, and what the best ingredients are to make the perfect bath bomb. We’ve learned new card games, played competitive rounds of Tag, and discussed the intricacies of their Roblox characters. Every year, these creative, brilliant kids make my summer the best it could ever be.

I hope you’ll consider sending any campers age 8-13 to one of our summer camps in London or Kitchener this year – and spreading the word to your friends! We’re excited to share this incredible experience with them when they get here. Learn more here:

Kind regards,

Zoe Burness
Program Manager
Company Program and Camps