Our Impact

Making a big difference, one student at a time

Strengthening our communities

After working in tandem to deliver programs in 2020-21, JA South Western Ontario and JA Waterloo Region have now officially amalgamated into one charter.

JA has been inspiring and preparing youth in South Western Ontario for over 50 years. Teachers, donors, business partners, and students all agree that JA programs produce young leaders ready for success at work and in life.

Read more about our impact in our 2021-2022 Report to the Community

Research done by Boston Consulting Group confirms JA’s incredible impact:

JA Alumni are 50% more likely to open their own business which leads to innovation, new jobs and wealth creation.

75% of Achievers stated that JA has had a significant impact in the development of their financial literacy and decision-making skills

65% of Achievers stated that JA has had a significant impact on their decisions to stay in school and enroll in post-secondary education

JA Alumni are 3X more likely to hold senior and middle management positions in their respective organizations.

JA Students are 5X less likely to be jobless later in life having obtained the skill of networking.

The Junior Achievement Company Program gave me the experience, mentorships, and self-awareness to go on to kickstart a career in the high-growth technology sector. Through JA, I discovered my passion for entrepreneurship, built relationships with people who continue to open doors for me professionally, and learned the foundations of business through real-life practice.

– Alumni, JA Company Program