Every Moment Matters: Celebrating JA Volunteers

April is a special time across the country and especially at JA as we highlight a network of unsung heroes—JA volunteers. These remarkable individuals dedicate their time, skills, and empathy to empower our youth. They are the “secret sauce” of JA, making our learning experiences come to life.

Let me take a moment to elaborate on the “secret sauce” analogy…

volunteer in class

The Special Sauce of JA Volunteers

The Ingredients

Much like McDonald’s iconic Big Mac special sauce, JA volunteers blend a unique mix of qualities:

  • Time: Just as the secret sauce is meticulously crafted, our volunteers invest their precious time. They show up for every learning experience prepared to ignite curiosity and inspire dreams.
  • Skills: Like the perfect balance of tanginess and creaminess, our volunteers bring expertise. Whether teaching financial literacy or fostering entrepreneurial spirit, they enrich young minds.
  • Empathy: The special sauce wouldn’t be complete without a dash of empathy. Our volunteers listen, encourage, and uplift. They understand that every moment matters in a student’s journey.

The Impact

Remember that first bite of a Big Mac? Maybe you marveled at the flavour the secret sauce had. Similarly, JA volunteers have a profound impact in classrooms. Here’s what a few teachers had to say about JA volunteers who facilitated the Dollars With Sense and Economics for Success programs this year:

“I have used this program {Economics for Success} for a few years now. I personally really like volunteers coming into the classroom because the information, I feel, is more meaningful to the students coming from someone with expertise in a particular area. The program is always well-organized.”

“Having a JA Volunteer come into the classroom is an invaluable experience for the students. They bring a wealth of knowledge that is experience-based which helps the students understand how the information presented is used outside of the school environment.”

“I’ve always enjoyed the Dollars with Sense program. Great to have the volunteers back in the building!

So, here’s to you, JA volunteers! You’re the secret sauce—the magic ingredient that makes our learning experiences extraordinary. Thank you for all you do!