JA Companies

Inspiring entrepreneurial ventures created by JA high school students

Meet the 2021-2022 JA Companies!

Our student achievers have created a variety of innovative products and services to meet the unique needs of their customers. Check out their incredible companies below!

Note: Operations for the 2021-2022 JA Companies concluded in April 2022. We’ll have a new set of JA Companies to feature as the 2022-2023 program gets started!

Cope Calendars, a JA Company
“Providing an outlet for our users to improve their mental health and get through their day, every day.”

Koi, a JA Company
“Selling clothing designs for teens by teens, helping to clean the ocean, and filling the gap that we see in the clothing industry.”

Motiv8, a JA Company
“To promote self-improvement and motivate our community through inspirational messages; we encourage healthy mentalities to change the way we see ourselves. “

PositiviTree, a JA Company
“Spreading positivity across the community using our positive phone case designs.”

Roof, a JA Company
“We strive to bring the comfort of home to those less fortunate, raising awareness through sustainable tote bags, to support shelters giving back to our communities.”

Roseate Collection, a JA Company
“A brand to support avid readers in the journey of loving oneself, bringing awareness and support to mental health and encouraging self-love.”

Sea Bears, a JA Company
“Sea Bears aims to bring awareness towards the endangered polar bear species in Canada through selling NFTs”

Stitches, a JA Company
“We aim to open up the conversation about teen mental health through the creation of our “how r u” hoodie collections.”

Tote-ally Polar, a JA Company
“‘Can’t bear not to care’. Our mission is to protect polar bears and their habitat – one tote at a time”

Tote Co., a JA Company
“Providing Canadians with unique, eco-friendly, reusable tote bags to help achieve a cleaner future.”

I will use this information to better build the fundamentals of my future company.

– JA Student