JA Company Program provides high school students with a low-risk, first-hand experience in business and entrepreneurship. The in-school version is facilitated in partnership with teachers and can be done in a variety of different formats to best suit the course and students.

JA can also arrange virtual visits with volunteers that have experience and expertise that can support your students as they plan their entrepreneurial ventures.


Teacher Registration for Company Program (In-School):

Student Registration for Company Program After-School:

Program Format Options

JA Company Program – Full

  • A complete entrepreneurial experience in which students generate a product/ service idea, develop a full business plan, and actually bring their idea to market, implementing production, marketing, and sales strategies and tracking their company financials.
  • Includes the option to develop an online store with Canadian e-commerce provider, Shopify.
  • Students are eligible for JA South Western Ontario and JA Canada awards and scholarships as well as participation in other JA events and competitions.
  • ~ 25-50 hours over 10-15 weeks

JA Ideation Bootcamp

  • A shorter version of JA Company Program
  • Students research, evaluate, and develop a business plan and pitch a product/ service idea but do not proceed with launching the company as in the full version.
  • ~ 12-15 hours over 6 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my class or school get involved?

Registration is available for teachers throughout the school year. There is no fee to register. Teachers can register via our webform HERE.

​Share the opportunity with a colleague and sign up to participate together! It could be a great way to create cross-curricular connections in your courses and/or develop a local entrepreneurship competition!

Can JA Company Program or Ideation Bootcamp be facilitated via remote learning?

Yes! All of our program materials are online and fully accessible to both teachers and students in any learning scenario – in-person, online, or hybrid.

Is the program only for students with an interest/ background in business?

​JA Company Program is a well-rounded program where students from all areas of interests and skills can participate and benefit. We encourage students from all interests to take part as the skills you learn and the experiences you will have go far beyond the business world.

What tech requirements are needed to participate?

The only tech required for participation in JA Company Program is an internet connection! All of the program modules and resources are accessed via the JA Campus in a web browser on a computer or mobile device.

How do I decide if the full Company Program or Ideation Bootcamp is the best fit for my class?  

It all depends on how much time you have to commit to JA in your classroom and how in-depth you want your students’ entrepreneurial experience to be. If you have the time and ability to run the full JA Company Program experience with your students it is the most impactful and engaging of the two options. However, if you can’t commit to the ~50 hours of program time, the shorter Ideation Bootcamp can be a great alternative. It allows your students to experience the valuable ideation, business planning and pitching aspects of Company Program.

I am uncertain and anxious about having my students create a business as I don’t have any experience and/or skills in this area. What resources will be available?

Rest assured, no special knowledge or previous experience is needed to be successful with the JA Company Program. JA provides additional resources to students and teachers through the JA Campus site. Your JA Program Manager is available to support you and answer any questions throughout your experience.

What if I still have questions or need more information? 

For more information, contact

Karen Chafe at kchafe@jaswo.org

I will use this information to better build the fundamentals of my future company.

– JA Student