Our Business World

Business Basics for Grade 5 students

In JA’s Our Business World, students explore how businesses are created and what makes them thrive. Using games and multimedia, students learn about innovation, start-ups and self-employment.

Throughout the program, students will have the opportunity to think like an entrepreneur and develop financial literacy skills that they can apply to a simulated business.

Students will:

  • Learn why businesses are created and how they change
  • Explore where customers come from and how to keep them
  • Discuss how business contributes to the well-being of a community
  • Recognize that businesses can impact the environment in both positive and negative ways
  • Learn about the history of some Canadian businesses and how they have changed over time
  • Understand the importance of innovation
  • Describe what makes an entrepreneur innovative

By the end of Our Business World, students will see the power of the entrepreneurial spirit in Canada. This will inspire them to ask, “Do I have what it takes to become an entrepreneur?”

Additional Resources

This was a much-needed unit that arrived at the PERFECT time! It’s great that financial literacy is in the new math curriculum but we lack resources to teach it properly to the students. Who better to teach the kids than JA, the experts! I’d love to have you come visit my classroom next year!

– Grade 5 Teacher, JA Our Business World