Economics for Success

Inspiring Grade 8 students to plan for a successful future

In Economics for Success, students take a closer look at the advantages of staying in school, as well as learn what’s needed to succeed in today’s workforce. Students explore the costs of living on their own and see the link between education and achieving their goals.

Students will:

  • Learn why it’s important to stay in school and explore post-secondary options
  • Gain an understanding of what life is like after high school
  • Map their interests, skills, and passions to possible careers
  • Learn how to network, identify a mentor, and create a strong personal brand
  • Create a budget to prepare for the financial reality of post-secondary life
  • Develop strategies that will help them achieve their goals 

By the end of Economics for Success, students will learn how their choices can positively impact their future dreams and outcomes. This will help them set goals, seize opportunities, and create a future that fuels their passions.

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Students’ knowledge of financial realities like wages and budgets increased dramatically!

– Grade 8 Teacher, JA Economics for Success