Entrepreneurship for Grade 6 students

Exploring the possibilities of business, Grade 6 students put on entrepreneurial hats and run their own retail business. Students learn how to start a business, produce and promote products, track finances and manage a team.  

A Business of Our Own teaches students basic business concepts such as management, finance, production, and marketing. Their learning is enhanced by the use of games and multimedia enabling students to fully immerse themselves in the joys and challenges of running their own business.  

Students will:

  • Learn about different types of organizations
  • Develop an understanding of management and financial record keeping
  • Create business goals
  • Practice the skills needed to run a business
  • Create and implement a business model canvas for their own retail business
  • Learn about pricing and promotions
  • Describe their experience in operating a business
  • Draw conclusions about planning and running a retail business

By the end of A Business of Our Own, students will know how to manage risks and seize business opportunities. This will inspire them to dream big, take on new challenges and think about becoming Canada’s next entrepreneurs.

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This is my first time being part of this program. I truly felt that it was easy to follow and very relatable to me and my students. My students were disappointed when I would stop at the end of the period to reconvene the following day. This is how much they loved the program. They just wanted to continue. They loved creating their own business and some actually have pitched the idea to their parents.

– Grade 6 Teacher , JA A Business of Our Own