Encouraging Grade 9-12 students to explore trade career pathways and plan for a future business

JA Entrepreneurial Trades is an interactive, online program designed to teach students about entrepreneurship in the trades industry. This program gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of trade career pathways, and will teach business concepts related to the trades including funding, marketing and planning.

Students will:

  • Discover the risks and rewards of owning their own business
  • Prepare for a successful entrepreneurial career in the trades
  • Access interactive content including video allowing students to hear from seasoned professionals in the industry

By the end of Entrepreneurial Trades, students will have a deeper understanding of the potential of careers in trades and the elements for a successful entrepreneurial venture in the trades.

This program is an eye-opener, very interesting and unique. I find it very helpful for high school students such as myself.

– JA Student