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Why Volunteer with JA?

As a JA Volunteer you will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of young people while utilizing and further developing your leadership, mentorship and public speaking skills. JA provides all of the program materials, training and support so that your volunteer experience is fun, engaging, meaningful, and as easy as possible.

Volunteering with JA programs is a rewarding experience.


Current Volunteer Opportunities

Virtual In-Class Volunteer

Help bring JA’s in-class curriculum to life for students. Volunteers join a classroom via video call to share experiences with students and answer their questions related to material they have been covering through a JA program with their teacher. Programs focus on developing financial health, entrepreneurship and work readiness.

World of Choices Career Mentor

Share your career journey with students and inspire them as they plan their own future careers. In an online session, volunteers tell stories, share words of advice, and engage in a Q&A with students. World of Choices events are scheduled throughout the school year and volunteers are encouraged to sign up to take part in as many events as you like!

Company Program Mentor

Support and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders through the exciting virtual JA Company Program experience. Volunteer mentors work in teams to support a group of outstanding high school students as they design, plan, launch and run their own business.

JA Volunteers make a Difference

Volunteers come to JA individually or through their organizations and generously give their time to inspire and prepare youth for a successful future. Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds but all share a desire to help students achieve their highest potential.

JA Staff are here to help you navigate the volunteer registration and onboarding process.

  1. Complete the Volunteer Registration Form Online
    Submit the form and JA staff will connect to guide you through the next steps.
  2. Determine the Volunteer Role(s) that Suit you Best
    JA staff will work with you to find the JA program(s) that match your interests, skills, and availabilities.
  3. Complete our Volunteer Screening Protocol
    Our volunteer screening measures are in place to ensure a safe JA experience for all students, volunteers, and others involved. Specific requirements vary by volunteer role so our staff will help make sure you know exactly what needs to be completed.
  4. Train and Prepare for a Volunteer Opportunity
    Our volunteer training modules and detailed program materials will provide you with everything you need for a fun and impactful experience with students.
  5. Sign Up for a Specific Program Delivery Our volunteer training modules and detailed program materials will provide you with everything you need for a fun and impactful experience with students.

New to JA?

Register here. Start your JA volunteer journey with just a few clicks.

Returning Volunteer?

Update your profile and sign up for upcoming program opportunities.

JA Campus

Access volunteer resources to support your JA program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to volunteer with JA?

Click HERE to register now! Completing the online form is the first step to becoming involved. Once you have registered, a JA Program Manager will follow up to schedule a virtual interview and help determine the best fit for you and JA.

How do I decide which program is best suited for me?

Prior to registering as a volunteer with JA, review the programs we offer and make note of any that you are interested in. When you complete the online registration form, you will be connected with a JA Program Manager who will discuss the opportunities available with you and help determine which programs will be the best fit based on your interests, background knowledge and experience, and scheduling availability. If you are interested you may wish to become involved with more than one program or event!

What is the time commitment for a JA Volunteer?

Time commitments vary depending on the program you are volunteering with and your role. For example:

Volunteer RoleApproximate Time Commitment
Virtual Volunteer, Elementary School Programs45 minutes per session
World of Choices Career Mentor30 minutes per session
Company Program Mentor2 hours/week for 18 weeks
Can I get involved in more than one program?

Yes! If you are interested in getting involved in more than one JA program type you can indicate this in your registration or reach out to your JA Program Manager who will be happy to help connect you with more JA opportunities.

How often am I expected to volunteer?

For our school-based programs, you can volunteer as often as you like or are able. There is no minimum expectation from JA, however we recommend volunteering with at least 2 classes per school year.

For the after-school Company Program, volunteers work in small teams and are expected to attend at least 80% of the weekly team meetings. We ask you to communicate with your team and with JA when you can’t attend so that we can ensure students have the support and supervision required.

How do you schedule volunteers?

JA reaches out to our volunteers periodically as opportunities become available. If you express interest in a particular program, school or date, we’ll work with you and the teacher involved to coordinate.

What if I have more questions?

If you still have questions feel free to contact us.

Volunteer with student

Well worth the time! JA allows us to give back to the community in a safe, effective, educational manner.

– Hansen, JA Dollars with Sense Volunteer