JA Company Program 2012-2015

About Zoe

Zoe Burness has had a multi-faceted and extensive experience with Junior Achievement (JA) programs. They participated in the JA Company Program as a student in 2012 and 2015 and also served as a mentor in 2017. Their involvement with JA extended to the Business Basics summer camp, where they started as a camper and eventually became a volunteer and camp counsellor. Zoe further contributed to JA by delivering in-class programs from 2016 to 2018. Zoe has been closely associated with JA South Western Ontario and JA Ottawa, and their journey with JA ultimately led them to their current role as the Program Manager for the Company Program and camp at JA South Western Ontario.

Their JA Experience

Zoe’s JA journey began with the JA summer camp at the age of 11. They attended the camp for three consecutive summers, crafting various items and forming cherished memories. Over the years, they transitioned from camper to volunteer and then to camp counsellor, spending five summers in roles that helped shape the experiences of other young participants. In addition to their camp involvement, Zoe participated in the JA Company Program twice during high school, where their teams created products like infinity scarves and bath bombs. Their commitment to JA extended to mentoring a JA Ottawa team during their time at the university, and they have continued to be involved with JA in various capacities.

Advice to JA Students

Zoe encourages high school students not to fear failure. They emphasize that taking risks and attempting challenging tasks can lead to valuable learning experiences, regardless of the outcome. Zoe’s journey with JA, which took them out of their comfort zone and provided opportunities to build confidence and explore new possibilities, serves as a testament to the personal growth that can come from embracing challenges.

Their Impact

Zoe’s dedication to JA is evident in their role as the Program Manager for the Company Program and camp at JA South Western Ontario. Through their work, they continue to inspire and empower young individuals, helping them develop essential skills and confidence. Their journey from a shy teenager to a leader within JA demonstrates the transformative potential of JA programs and the lasting impact they can have on individuals and their communities.

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